Waiting for God

Title:Waiting for God
Author:Rev. Stanley Fung
Measurement:100 x 67.5 cm
Bible Verse/Message:The other day, I was reading Divine Miliue by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955 a French philosopher, Jesuit Priest , trained paleontologist) and here is an excerpt of his writing that moved my heart:
“I took the lamp, and leaving the zone of everyday occupations and relationships where everything seemed clear, I went down into my inmost self, to the deep abyss whence I feel dimly that my power of action emanates. But as I moved further and further away from conventional certainties by which social life is superficially illuminated, I became aware that I was losing contact with myself. At each step of the descent a new person was disclosed within me of whose name I was no longer sure, and who no longer obeyed me. And when I had to stop my exploration because the path faded from beneath my steps, I found a bottomless abyss at my feet… At that moment… I felt the distress characteristic of a particle adrift in the universe, the distress which makes human wills founder daily under the crushing number of living things and stars. And if someone saved me, it was hearing the voice of the Gospel… speaking to me, from the depth of the night: It is I, be not afraid.”
Teillard de Chardin testified to the Holy Spirit within and without my body which has become one with the gospel of Jesus Christ.