Connections of Life

Title:Connections of Life
Author:Rev. Ping-Heng Lu
Medium:Oil on Canvas
Measurement:12F (60.5cm x 50cm), 2008
Bible Verse/Message:Grape is an important economic crop, essential in diet and wine making, thus playing an important role in culture. As the fruit and leaves of grapes are very beautiful, grapes have long been a symbol for Christian life in early Christian art. In John 15, Jesus used the vine to describe the relationship between Him and the disciples, which is a teaching on life connections. These solid bunches of grapes aligned with the imagery of “plenitude” and “growth”, which is a popular artistic element. Moreover, the virtues mentioned in Galatians 5: 22-23 are “the fruit of the Spirit”, which is a result of receiving the Holy Spirit, as sweet and juicy as grapes.

(Image courtesy of Mr. Yang Ya-Chih, do not copy)