Cauliflower – Introduced by Mackay

Title:Cauliflower – Introduced by Mackay
Author:Rev. Ping-Heng Lu
Medium:Oil on Canvas
Measurement:60.5cm x 50cm, 2012
Bible Verse/Message:Dr. George Leslie Mackay’s contribution to Taiwan is not only recognized in missionary, medicine and education, but also in his research on Taiwan’s geography and biology, leaving important cultural legacies. He is a missionary not merely concerned with religion, but cared about the livelihood of Taiwanese people as well. Mackey sought to improve the farmers’ living by importing foreign vegetable seeds and distributing them to farmers, in order to increase the types and yields of agricultural products. It is generally believed that Mackay introduced 9 types of vegetables, namely cabbage, cauliflower, beans, radish, carrots, tomatoes, celery, kohlrabi and beets. To express my gratitude to Mackay, I plan to draw these 9 types of vegetables, but I have only completed “cauliflower” and “wax beans” up to now.