Fan Pu 05

The truth shall make you free

Title:The truth shall make you free
Author:Fan Pu
Medium:Paper Cut
Bible Verse/Message:These two pieces of work present the same theme: “The truth shall make you free”.
We might have different perspectives of a bird in the cage versus a bird in the sky, or a fish in the ocean versus a fish in the aquarium. Some would think that these represent two different life styles. A bird in the cage or a fish in the aquarium enjoys an easy life, without hardship of seeking for food. So why not?
Further thinking may lead us to another view: A bird in the cage or a fish in the aquarium might be thankful for the daily food to the lord, and a bird in the sky or a fish in the ocean might be thankful for the daily food to the lord too. Then here comes the question: who is the lord?
If we come back to the original creation of God, all the birds are birds in the sky and all the fish are fish in the ocean, in the nature and fed by God, and none would die of hunger.
There are birds in the cage and fish in the aquarium only because some human beings are greedy and want to deprive those birds and fish of their freedom. As a result they became slaves and gradually got used to the slavery. They might think their lord is not too bad. They probably even cannot make a living if they are freed to the nature.
Nevertheless, their life is not peaceful. There are struggles and violence. If their lord forgets to feed them, big fish would feed on small fish. If their lord is in a bad mood or a child is destructive, they may face total destruction and there may be no hope of survival.
They were originally creatures of God and belong to God, and God is waiting for their return to nature. Are they aware of that? Is their spirit dead or alive?